About us

The Chase and District Museum and Archives Society was incorporated as a non-profit society with charitable status in 1984. The mandate of the Society is to to collect and preserve information, records and objects of scientific, educational, historical and cultural value associated with Chase and the districts of Shuswap Station, Chase Creek, Turtle Valley, Pritchard, Squilax and Adams Lake, and to make such materials available to the public.

The policies and operations of the Museum and Archives are overseen by an elected Board of Directors (Trustees). Museum and Archive services are provided by our Archivist/Manager assisted by a team of volunteer docents and summer students preparing for careers in fields related to history and culture.

The Chase and District Museum and Archives Society is a not for profit organization which is dependent on the generosity of individuals, community organizations, government and granting agencies to help us to preserve, exhibit and share the cultural heritage of Chase and its surrounding communities.

Please contact us by e-mail to give us feed back on our new website.


• Individual: $10.00 per year
• Family: $15.00 per year
• Sustaining: $50.00 per year

Volunteers Needed!

Volunteer opportunities abound at the Chase Museum and Archives. To register as a volunteer, please contact us by e-mail or telephone, giving us the following information: (volunteers are needed to clean and restore artefacts, copy documents, general office duties, fund raising, construction related duties)

• Name
• Address and Telephone Number
• Area of Interest
• Availability