Archive Services

Conservation work on our archival materials is progressing slowly but steadily.  Our archivist Theresa Scott and her team of volunteers have been working to clean and re-house all the documents, photos and journals which suffered varying degrees of smoke damage during the July 2011 fires.  It is hoped that we will be able to restore some archival services in the spring of 2012.

Thanks to a Job Creation Partnership Grant1, we have been able to hire a full-time archive and office assistant for 4 months.  Having this extra help will speed the process and make it possible for us to complete a significant portion of the conservation work by spring.   If you are interested in volunteering to help with the conservation process, please contact our office by telephone at 250-679-8847 or e-mail us at . Please specify the days and times when you are available, the number of hours you are able to volunteer and your contact information.

Funded in whole or part through the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Development Agreement.

Education Programming

While we are obviously unable to offer Museum tours at the moment, we plan to have a set of new and different programs in place by February.  These will include such hands-on programs as teaching students about archive conservation and artefact conservation/restoration.  Once we are again able offer research assistance, students will be encouraged to access the archives to assist them with school projects.

We will continue to offer historic tours (Downtown Chase, Stories from the Graveyard) geared specifically to the needs of various age groups.   We expect, too, that we will be able to offer in-school (traveling exhibits) programs again in the spring using artefacts which were not affected by the fire.

For more information on our educational programming or to book your class event, please call the Museum Office well in advance as in our current circumstances it will take us extra time to gather the necessary materials and co-ordinate staff and volunteers.  Thank you for your patience.

Earth Day (ongoing)

The Chase Museum works with Staff and Students of Haldane Elementary School to give students a suitable venue in which to carry out their Earth Day activities. Each year, students, teachers, parents together with Museum Staff and volunteers spend several hours preparing grounds and planting spring flowers in the Museum gardens. Museum staff and volunteers provide instruction in environmentally sound soil preparation, planting methods, and weed and pest control.

Student Learning Support Services (ongoing)

Our Museum Staff is available to assist students with local history research projects. Services include teaching students to gather information from historic documents, artifacts, photographs, to access information from other sources, to identify valid sources and to cite sources correctly. There is no charge for this assistance; however, should the student require copies to be made of materials the standard fees will apply. (See fee schedule on our website.) Original materials may not be removed from the premises.